Q1: What is the best way for me to reserve my event?

A1: We are more than happy to help coordinate your event via phone or email. Our business

number is (805) 878-4283, and our informational email is


Q2: How big does my event have to be to reserve it?

A2: Beach Butlerz can create an awesome event for you, no matter what the size. We require a

$60 minimum on all orders, and you can reach this by choosing specific beach rentals (like

chairs and umbrellas) or one of our pre-made package deals.


Q3: How far in advance do I need to reserve my event?

A3: We require, at minimum, a 24 hour notice to reserve any event. For larger events that

require more planning and coordination, it is best to reserve as far in advance as possible so

that we can create your event exactly how you picture it. Also, advanced reservations will need

a 50% deposit to ensure that your date and time is secured with us.


Q4: Are the prices for each service hourly?

A4: No, our prices reflect what you would pay for that service, no matter how long the time

period during a day. For instance, our beach lounge chairs are $15 and will not change if you

have it for two hours or five. If our services are used over multiple days, then additional fees

may be incurred.


Q5: How do I know where to go?

A5: You may request a digital map to the beach where the Butlers will be serving you. Beach

Butlerz will email or text it to you. Your serving Butler will give you a call after they have

completed setting up your beach service and will let you know how to find them.


Q6: Do I need a Special Event permit for my event?

A6: Good question! The beach along the California coastline is managed by several different

public agencies. They all have their own unique special event permits and requirements. Beach

Butlerz staff will guide you on this process and will obtain the permit on your behalf, if

necessary. There are few instances where the regulating agency prefers that our clients obtain

their own Special Event permit.

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