Dear Beach,

It’s time for a new beach soul to experience your beauty.  That’s right…I’m in search of an owner and new Chief Executive Officer affectionately known as Chief Beach Officer (CBO). You may be curious as to why I am moving on from Beach Butlerz and the beauty of the beach. It’s a simple reason. I have a family that encouraged me to create Beach Butlerz but over the years, their love and enthusiasm of being part of this wonderful creation has diminished. I’ve found much of my time spent steering this ship and not with my family. My time with my young children will be short and I want to join them again. This ship has many more journeys left but it requires someone with the time and enthusiasm to keep it going. Beach Butlerz needs a new CBO who will want to own all the hard and soft assets Beach Butlerz has created over the past several years and built up on your soft sandy shores. How will I pick the new CBO? How will I know they are perfect for this rare life long labor of love? It’s simple. These four simple traits will define them.

  1. You are an entrepreneur, hospitality professional, event planner, boutique hotel owner, beachside restauranteur, beach lover or all these put together,
  2. You have experience in the service, event, and rental industry,
  3. Your detailed balance sheet shows your financial capability to purchase Beach Butlerz, and;
  4. You envision beauty, form, harmony, organic arrangements to encourage the flow of conversation, provide for sight, sound, and the smell of a beautiful sunset, and dream of the perfect human flow of discovery.

The ideal CBO candidate will receive, in return, the ins-and-outs of Beach Butlerz. I will share:

  1. Why Beach Butlerz is so unique in its services and in a highly sought after industry you can not find any other similar company available to purchase.
  2. Young, energetic, customer focused Butlerz staff,
  3. The most current business Valuation,
  4. Three-years of Certified Public Accountant financials,
  5. Excellent Reviews in Yelp and Google+ and how we acquired them,
  6. A strong repeating customer base,
  7. Years of excellent industry partnerships, and;
  8. A five-year Non-Compete agreement

The new CBO will soon understand that Beach Butlerz  is an easy business to own and will fall in love with it. Beach Butlerz operates on a solid foundation with no looming business road-blocks and has an amazing horizon of expansion available in larger beach communities along the California coast line. The new CBO will own all the rights to the company known as Beach Butlerz. This is a very rare business opportunity to own.


Cecile DeMartini, CBO
Beach Butlerz Corp
(805) 878-4283